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What is Nutrition / Nourishment?

Nourishment is tied in with eating a solid and adjusted diet. Food and drink give the energy and supplements you should be sound. Understanding these nourishment terms might make it simpler for you to settle on better food decisions. Supplements are substances utilized by a life form to get by, develop, and repeat. The seven significant classes of important supplements for creatures (counting people) are starches, dietary fiber, fats, proteins, minerals, nutrients, and water. Supplements can be gathered as either macronutrients (starches, dietary fiber, fats, proteins, and water required in gram amounts) or micronutrients (nutrients and minerals required in milligram or microgram amounts).


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What I Do for Good Health?

Such a large amount sound living is truly comprised of little things we do everyday things that are so little they don’t feel pivotal, however that, done reliably over the long haul, amount to deliver huge outcomes

– Be physically active and take 30 minutes walk daily
– Consume less salt and sugar
– Drink plenty of safe water
РEat a healthy  Food -Clean your hands properly